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We always ensure the complete satisfaction relative to our clients’ needs.  This week,  we converted a propane forklift into a gasoline forklift.

Why would someone do that? Isn’t a propane powered forklift better than a gas powered forklift?    It all comes down to one vital attribute: HORSEPOWER.

Often times, horsepower coincides with speed and agility, especially in the automotive industry.  Some aspects of cars are parallel to forklifts, with some slight differences.  The car is designed to get you, the individual, from point A to point B.  A forklift, on the other hand, takes the load it carries from point A to point B.  Therefore, the load is the primary focus (albeit, the operator plays a primary role in said transport).  Horsepower determines not only the speed of the forklift, but how fast it lifts its load, as well.

While propane is better than gas in terms of emissions, gas provides more horsepower to the lifting mechanisms as well as acceleration.

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