Ahh… Winter.  A time for hot chocolate, cozying up near the fireplace and enjoying the company of loved ones inside a warm place…

For everyone else.

You, on the other hand, are cut from a different cloth.  Warriors like you feel the obligation of keep the workflow going throughout the facility, regardless of weather conditions.  The business world never quits.  And neither can you.

That’s where EFR equipment rentals come into the game plan.  Our equipment rentals work as long as you can and brave the elements to get the job done, just like you.  From electric forklifts to propane forklifts to order pickers to pallet jacks to everything in between, we possess the equipment rental you need to complete any task!

However, what should you do if the elements don’t cooperate?  Salt only works for pneumatic forklifts, since the tires are rubber.  Polyurethane tires, on the other hand, could get ruined and potentially shredded when contacted with uneven surfaces.  Any equipment rental with polyurethane tires must stay inside in order to function properly.  All polyurethane tires are meant for inside use.

Equipment rentals are the responsibility of the client.  Just like a rental car, the user maintains the equipment rental while it’s in their possession.  However, unlike a rental car, if the machine is left out in an unpredictable environment, any damage sustained by the equipment rental is the responsibility of the user.  This clause is practiced by any equipment rental company.

EFR prides itself in transparency and safety with its customers.  We’re always available to make sure your experience with us and our equipment rentals surpass your expectations.

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