Have you been considering Essex County forklift rental over buying a new forklift for your business? In many cases, forklift rental is the best route to take when looking to add a forklift to your fleet. Below are some of the most important things to think about before your Essex County forklift rental:

Essex County Forklift Rental | Things to Consider

The Job Your Forklift Will Be Doing:

Depending on what you need it for, go with a forklift that fits your budget and isn’t more than you need. Write down a few key details when you call about an Essex County forklift rental. In particular, you’ll need to know much weight will be regularly expected to carry, how high up it will need to lift, the shape and weight distribution of the load, and how many shifts a day you expect it to do. Lift height will be especially important because the higher a forklift’s load goes, the more its center of gravity changes, and the more safety precautions you’ll need to take. As a general rule, choose one that can handle more weight than you anticipate will be needed.

Essex County Forklift Rental

The Type Of Surface It Will Be On:

There are forklifts designed to deal with all surface conditions. What surface it will be on will tend to dictate what type you can use. For example, if you’ve got a smooth floor, you’ll likely be renting an electric forklift. If you have hard, rocky soil that you will need to haul loads over, a diesel or gas powered model will likely be your best choice. Don’t forget to consider all types of surfaces and conditions you’ll need to deal with, especially if you intend to use the machine outside.

Infrastructure Needed:

Equipment generally needs to be either charged or fueled, which could impact your decision. Do you have an electrical system at your facility that can properly charge an electric forklift? If you need a diesel forklift, do you have the proper storage tanks and other facilities to safely fuel them? Before you decide to go with an Essex County forklift rental, check its specifications and your facility to ensure it won’t cause a problem when it arrives. Similarly, don’t assume that anybody can get behind the wheel of a forklift. If you don’t have a properly licensed operator on site, make sure you’ve got one lined up before you rent. Otherwise you run the risk of unsafe operation and potential severe liability.

Determine the Budget for Your Essex County Forklift Rental:

Determine how frequently you’ll be using the machine, and what your budget is. If you only need one occasionally, choose to rent. However, if you’re going to consistently need one, you should buy a forklift instead. If you’re not sure which to buy, renting a few models and testing them with your drivers on site is a smart strategy.

Looking for a Quality Essex County Forklift Rental?

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