Forklift Leases

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Leasing options are available for clients interested in establishing credit with the Forklift People. We calculate your monthly lease payments based on the bank’s interest rate requirements. Monthly payments are based upon credit history.

For example, we provide several different lease options that match your financial needs, ranging from “Fair Market Value” to “$1.00 Buy Out.”

Interested in Buying New or Pre-Owned Equipment?

Our equipment is top of the line and meticulously maintained for rent and for sale.  We treat our fleet with the same care and respect you have come to expect from a family owned business.  Feel free to browse through our inventory and select the equipment that meets your needs!

Interested in Purchasing New or Used Equipment?

Please fill out the Credit Application to establish your leasing terms, monthly payments and buyout amount.  Then, scan and email the form back to us (the bank prefers their own letterheads) and allow 2 to 3 business days for processing!


Click here to download the Wells Fargo Equipment Leasing App!


Once finished, please upload here:

Upload Wells Fargo Lease Agreement

Wells Fargo Lease Agreement Upload

Thank you for your interest in purchasing equipment with us! Please upload your completed lease agreement here. Then, please allow 2 to 3 business for processing.
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If you want any further information, please contact us.