Maintaining the life of your equipment is among the top priorities in any logistics, warehousing and manufacturing facility.  If the machine fails, daily operations stop.  If daily operations cease, money is lost and the bosses get angry.

Performing scheduled periodic maintenance helps prevent any interruptions in order to keep operations flowing smoothly. Skilled technicians at EFR conduct a series of check lists for every major component in your forklift.  However, many of these can be performed by your maintenance person simply by doing the following:

  • Check water levels on industrial batteries: DO NOT OVER FILL THE WATER TANK.  Like any combustible motorized part, too much fluid will spill into other components of the forklift and short out (or ultimately destroy) all other moving parts.
  • Check fluid levels: Most maintenance persons know how to change the oil in their car.  Although there are many similarities to an automobile, a forklift is a little different.  Regardless, make sure every forklift contains the proper fluid levels by checking the dipstick for every major component.
  • Ensure chassis is secure. Wear and tear is normal on any machine.  That being said, it’s possible for parts of the machine to lose its nuts and bolts once in a while.  Let your EFR technician know that some parts in the chassis are loose and need to be replaced.

If you’re unsure of anything when performing your own maintenance, please don’t hesitate to call us.  The Forklift People are here to help!