Our Newest Line of Brand New Material Handling Equipment

HC LPG 5,000 LBS Cushion

Protect Not Just Your Overhead.  Protect Your Bottom Line.


Fresh off the container from the Far East, these LiuGong Forklifts are EXACTLY what you need.


Who knew forklifts this good looking had great taste in cars?

Hangcha was a primary force in improving productivity at the European BMW Headquarters.  The forklifts helped management implement new logistics systems inside their new warehouse.  As part of this new pilot program, research shows that Hangcha can acclimate to any warehouse environment.



Each Hangcha forklift fulfills a complete 108 point inspection prior to shipment.  Since each Hangcha forklift is assembled to specifications before ordering, rest assured you get exactly what you need  and when you need it for your operation.

From Pneumatic to Cushion. You Name It. Hangcha's Got It!


Hangcha Forklifts withstand any terrain, from pulsating heat to frigid cold weather.  From refrigerated warehouses to heat intense operations, Hangcha can take anything your operation can dish out.

EFR was great to do business with.  They sold us a fantastic machine!  We’re very happy with their service and their equipment.


Comptroller, Stafford Township School District

This equipment withstands anything!  EFR was incredibly friendly and willing to accommodate our needs.  They came all the way from NJ to the Bronx to make sure we were satisfied with our forklift.  This is exactly what we expect from a family business.


Import/Export Manager, FGI Corp.

What wonderful service!  This forklift is SOLID!

Latoya McGuire

Warehouse Manager, Arrow Fasteners

We’re longtime customers of EFR, and we’re very happy with their customer service.  The Hangcha they sold us performs beyond exceptions.  Working with them gives us a piece of mind.

Cole Davis

Warehouse Manager, Shred-It USA

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