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If you are a business owner looking for a Livingston electric forklift rental company, we are here to help. Whether you are in need of an electric forklift for long or short term use, we do it all. We have a full inventory of forklifts, for whatever your lifting requirements may be. Sometimes you just need an extra boost for a busy season, and you have no need of a full time forklift. When you rent an electric forklift, you do not have the overhead repair costs of ownership. You get to decide how long you need to rent for. Your lifting needs could change over the course of the business year, so you can rent accordingly. If you need to move any goods in your warehouse, or place of business, contact a Livingston electric forklift professional for quality rental services.

Livingston Electric Forklift

Livingston Electric Forklift | Benefits of Electric

Electric forklifts have many practical and functional advantages over other forklifts. They are quieter than fuel powered forklifts, and do not emit unpleasant fuel odors. These features are especially beneficial if you are operating a forklift close to customer areas. You don’t want to turn off paying customers with a noisy, smelly reception area. The quiet operation of an electric forklift does not only benefit customers, it can also benefit employees. Less noise pollution equates to a safer workplace. Employees can communicate with each other, and there is less generally confusing and stressful background noise when you use electric forklifts.

Livingston Electric Forklift | Rental over Purchase

There are many reasons to rent a forklift. There is no full time commitment when you rent. You can pick and choose models according to your needs at the time. This is especially true if you have a seasonal business. When you rent, you have no maintenance concerns. We take pride in our rental fleet, and keep all our inventory in the best condition possible. When you own your own forklift, you are responsible for all the costly upkeep. When you rent, and find that you need an upgraded machine for a growing business, it is simply a matter of trading one forklift for another.

Livingston Electric Forklift | For Small Spaces

Electric forklifts are usually smaller machines, made to fit into narrower spaces. If you have a smaller warehouse, or have tight narrow aisles to get through, this type of forklift could be for you. They are easier to maneuver, since they are better balanced, and can corner very well. They are more compact than their fuel powered counterparts, making them easier to handle. The fact that they do not emit any emissions makes them the perfect indoor piece of machinery. When you work in confined spaces, you do not want your employees to be subject to unpleasant gas or diesel emissions.

If you have a business, but have no need of a forklift all the time, rental is the perfect choice for you. No matter the space, we have an electric forklift for everyone. Perhaps you only need an electric forklift at specific seasons, or because your business is growing, but do not want the hassles of ownership. We have a large inventory, and knowledgeable sales and service staff, and we guarantee our machines. We are a family business, and forklifts are our business. With over 30 years of experience, we can match you with the right forklift for your needs. If moving heavy inventory is getting you down, let us give you a lift. Contact a Livingston electric forklift rental company to get your goods moving.

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