Searching for the best Maplewood Forklift Rental? The Forklift People is where to go to get the best Essex County forklift rental. Finding the ideal equipment for a job that is needed and making sure you are getting the most for your money involves some planning. There are some questions to ask when considering renting a forklift.

Maplewood Forklift Rental

Maplewood Forklift Rental | Equipment

Deciding what type of equipment to rent is important. There are many different shape and sizes to choose from. You need to look at the job at hand to find the perfect forklift. There are forklifts for pallets, there are also for rough terrain areas. Forklifts for vehicles and personnel carriers. In addition to, when evaluating the job and knowing what the final goal is, you will be able to better assess the right forklift for the job. Renting a forklift that has enough power and ability, you need to provide information about the weight and size of the loads and how high you need to lift them.

Maplewood Forklift Rental | Job Site

Make sure before renting the forklift that you are aware of any special limitation in the job site. Certain manufacturers specialize in compact and smaller forklifts that are able to fit through a standard size doorway, so it is best to measure before renting. Also, it is beneficial to calculate if it is going to be used indoors or outdoors as they are a bit different. Forklifts used inside of warehouses have cushioned indoor tires which are best for smooth surfaces, where outdoor forklifts have different tires for rougher terrains.

Maplewood Forklift Rental | Time

Forklift Rental companies offer their forklifts on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. It is best to plan the work flow accordingly to get the full use of the forklift you are renting. Once you are finished with the forklift, make sure you call and contact the rental company to prevent additional charges.

Maplewood Forklift Rental | Battery/Electric or Diesel

Once you have established if you need the forklift for indoor or outdoor use, it is best to check which type of fuel is better. A battery-operated forklift is best for indoor use. They are also the quietest and easiest to maintain. A battery/electric forklift is also more compact and less bulky. If you are using the forklift for an extended time, you will need a battery charger for refueling. A diesel operated forklift is for outdoor use. Because of the exhaust, it is best used outside and also has the most power for bigger jobs. These are also easier to refuel quickly.

Maplewood Forklift Rental | Maintenance

Just like renting a car, you are also responsible to cover any repair costs to any damage on the forklift. The customer is not responsible for normal wear and tear but any additional damage on the job site, they are. The rental company will always record the condition of the forklift before renting it out making sure it comes back the same as it went out. Therefore, it is wise to do a visual inspection of the forklift at the dealer making sure if there is any damage beforehand, it is noted. The customer is also responsible for any maintenance like fluid levels to keep the machine running well.

In the market for the best Maplewood Forklift Rental? The Forklift People is the company to choose. Our rental fleet is new, clean and well-maintained. We have been in the business for 30 years and our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Contact us today for friendly, straightforward advice from our team of experts that will customize to your specific needs.

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