Choosing a forklift for your business can prove no light matter. You need to consider purchase or rental, size of loads, and the environment the forklift will operate in. If you are undecided, and need the professional experience and advice of a Millburn electric forklift company, we are here to help. With our large inventory, and knowledgeable sales staff, we can advise you on which forklift purchase is best for your company. If you are just looking to rent for a season, we always carry a large fleet and have flexible rental and maintenance agreements for every budget. We also service forklifts, and carry an extensive inventory of parts. Contact an Essex County electric forklifts professional to get answers to all your forklift questions today.

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Millburn Electric Forklift | Forklift Rental

If it doesn’t make financial sense to your business to own a forklift, consider renting one. Forklift rental can save your business money. You do not have a large one time purchase fee, or even monthly payments. You have no maintenance overheads, and you can decide when, and for how long, you keep the forklift on your property. This has the added advantage of not needing to find a permanent home for it. You can decide how long to rent. With daily, weekly, and monthly leases, we have rates for everyone. If your business lifting needs vary with seasons, or bulk inventories, renting an electric forklift is the best choice.

Millburn Electric Forklift | Buying an Electric Forklift

If you want to purchase an electric forklift, we have machines with varying load and maneuverability capabilities. Our electric forklifts come with the charger included for your convenience. No matter the payload, we can handle it. We offer very competitive pricing, and stand behind every machine we sell. We have many options when it comes to lifting equipment. Our varied inventory also includes boom lifts and scissor lifts. Whatever the terrain, the size of your work environment, or the kind of goods you move, our inventory is ready. To get your goods moving year round, an electric forklift will give just the leverage you need.

Millburn Electric Forklift | Parts and Service

If you already own an electric forklift, and require service or maintenance, our technicians are experts in the field. We have a plentiful inventory of parts, including tires, batteries, and chargers. If you need maintenance on your electric forklift or charger, our trained personnel provide quality service. An electric forklift is a substantial investment for your business, and you want to keep it running smoothly. Let our service staff keep your forklift in top condition and at peak performance. Scheduled maintenance prevents unexpected repairs, and less downtime for your business. When you keep your forklift moving, you keep your goods moving.

With over fifty years of experience in the electric forklift business, our friendly staff has the expertise to assist you. If you are looking to purchase a new forklift for your growing business, and are unsure which is right for your needs, our sales staff can help. As a business owner, you may not need the added help of a forklift year round. If this describes you, a forklift rental could be just what your company needs. We offer service and maintenance on any forklifts, and have a large choice of parts. With our large equipment inventory, and knowledgeable sales staff, a Millburn electric forklift company can advise you on which forklift is best for your company. We guarantee all our forklifts, and offer replacements if you are not fully satisfied. Forklifts are our business, and we guarantee customer satisfaction and promise to fulfill all your lifting needs.

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