Are you looking to buy or rent Somerset County forklifts for your business? Somerset County forklifts are invaluable pieces of equipment for companies that need to move a mass amount of products at an efficient rate. A forklift is a powered industrial vehicle used to pull, push, carry, stack, lift or tier materials. The power of Somerset County forklifts may be provided by either electric or combustion engines. Somerset County forklifts come in many sizes and makes, and have a vast array of different uses. The types of Somerset County forklifts include rider trucks, pallet trucks, lift trucks or fork trucks. Categories also include counterbalance, three-wheel counterbalance, reach trucks, pump trucks, powered pallet trucks, side loaders, and teletrucks.

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Each type of forklift has its own specific characteristics and its own inbuilt hazards. This is exactly why one needs the right training for each type of forklift. Different Somerset County forklifts are built with different capabilities, and often, the skill set to operate them safely can’t always be transferred. Forklift training teaches operators how to operate each type of forklift, and how to avoid possible accidents with each one.

Somerset County Forklifts | Electric Vs. Internal Combustion

Before getting into the five most common types of Somerset County forklifts, here is some info on the differences between the two types of forklift power sources. Both electric and internal combustion Somerset County forklifts come with their own pros and cons, and the decision between the two depends mostly on the project at hand. An electric forklift is a type of forklift that can lower emissions and extend the life of the forklift with fewer maintenance costs. Their main disadvantage is that they come with a higher initial cost. Internal combustion forklifts are best suited for multi-shift operations since they can easily be refueled in a matter of minutes, unlike electric forklifts that need to be charged. With internal combustion forklifts, maintenance costs are higher, emissions are higher, and an excellent ventilation system is needed to use them indoors.

High-Lift Forklift:

A high-lift pallet forklift allows a load to be lifted to a comfortable height for working. High lift forklift types are often used by the airline industry to repair and clean aircrafts, as well as other instances where heavy materials need to be lifted and transported. This type of forklift should not be pushed beyond its load limits and should always be kept from the edge when working on loading bays or ramps. They are internal combustion trucks powered by gas or diesel.

Low-Lift Truck:

This type of forklift is designed to raise a load just enough to permit horizontal movement. These types of Somerset County forklifts are not meant to lift and stick materials on high shelves. Both walkie low lift trucks and rider low lift trucks are powered by electricity. The load should always face uphill and trucks should be reversed down gradients.

Rough Terrain Forklift:

This is a Class VII forklift, of which there are two types: straight-mast and extended-reach. These Somerset County forklifts are designed for high mobility in rough terrain areas. They are used in docks, timber yards, special events, builder’s merchants and construction sites. Rough terrain forklift types were designed to offer workers a much safer way to travel with loads on uneven ground. They are much more capable of handling rocky surfaces to avoid tip overs and other serious accidents than other types of forklifts. They are powered by diesel.

Straddle Forklift:

These types of Somerset County forklifts are used in the shipping industry and are used for moving and stacking ISO standard containers. Straddle lifts are capable of lifting up to 60 tons at low speeds (18-19 mph). The operator sits at the very top facing the middle so they can see both in front of them and behind them. Straddle trucks are capable of stacking containers more than 13 feet high. Straddle trucks are very large equipment but mini straddle carriers have been developed for moving containers around yards and depots.

Cantilever Forklift:

This type of forklift is used for handling long goods like lumber, steel bars, pipes, tubing, etc. Cantilever racking is the ideal solution for frequent use of loading platforms, and can replace the doors of a truck to speed up loading and unloading of materials. Unlike different types of forklifts, they are constructed without front uprights that get in the way of loading and unloading. They aren’t driven like other types of forklifts and are rather installed onto trucks to improve the loading and unloading process.

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