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More than just Forklifts!

If you are in need of Forklifts, Booms Lifts, Pallet Jacks, or Scissor lifts EFR Corporation is the only forklift rental company to call.  Located in central New Jersey, EFR's material handling rentals can be delivered to Elizabeth, Morristown, Trenton, New Brunswick, Lakewood and surrounding areas as well as Eastern PA.  The forklift people's knowledgeable staff can help you determine the right piece of equipment for your needs as well as choosing between renting and purchasing. 


3-5K Capacity Forklifts

$192 day/ $502 week

 $1092/ Month

scissor lift_edited.jpg

Scissor Lifts 

$175 day/ $310 week

$615 month


6-10K Capacity Forklifts 

$350 day/ $734 week

$1849 month

Boom lift

Boom Lifts up to 60'

45' rate $429/$959/ $1887

60' rate $497/ $1097/ $2354


12K Capacity Forklifts

$526 day/ $1337 week

$3045 month



$555 day/ $1251 week

$2878 month


Additional Equipment

Information to consider for your rental.
How long do you need a rental?

Daily - Weekly - Monthly

How much weight are you lifting?


What length forks do you need?

42" - 48" - 60" - 72"

Delivery Location?

Transportation costs based on mileage from warehouse to zipcode​

Are you lifting higher than 188"

Collapsed Height 88"

​Will the forklift be used inside or outside?

Pnuematic or Cushion Tires

Do you have questions about your current rental?

Prior to calling for service on your rental, please ensure the following:

  • Your fuel is full whether propane, electric, or diesel.

  • Your propane tank valve is fully closed or open.

  • Your battery charger is plugged into the wall socket.

  • Your charger is plugged into the battery and not the machine.

  • Your battery is connected to the forklift or other equipment.

  • The key switch is turned on all the way to the “On” position.

For Sales, Rentals, Service, & Parts call
(732) 249-7757

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